Baby Learns Colors. Promo Video.
With this wonderful educational game your little boy or a girl will quickly and easily learn all twelve basic colors in English, Russian or anyother language you want. Unique customization features will allow you to create a very personal learning experience for your children.

Cute avatars, bright colorful objects, amazing animations and sounds, abundant prizes - we know how to make learning fun and playful.

Has your child grown tired of catching colorful fish? Let’s see what funny blots are up to... or maybe it’s time to go on a trip to space? Give the right answers, color the coloring books and get delightful Bebeka prizes! You will be able to transport your Bebekas to the magical Prize World, where fun and imagination rule!
Baby Learns Colors
for IPad
How to make a custom voiceover. Video instructions.
Dear parents!
You can create your own unique and personal version of Baby Learns using the Recorder. Learning is much more effective when your child hears the familiar voice of mom or dad! You can also share your recordings with our community and download community created voiceovers directly from Baby Learns application.
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